Calderdale Framework Facilitators Network (CFFN) Update

The inaugural meeting for Calderdale Framework facilitators was held on 7 November 2014 at the end of last year, and it was great to see representation from practically all the organisations included in Phase 1 of  Calderdale Framework Facilitator Training and even some from Phase 2.

Kevin Moore gave an overview of the LETB position and Jayne & Rachael launched the new website and we are pleased to see new members accessing this on an almost daily basis!

Key learning points were shared in the session, the main one being a named programme lead, with dedicated time, is important to pull things together and formalise the programme of CF facilitator projects. Organisational readiness is also essential to ensure the “top down, bottom up “approach is achievable. Again, the named programme lead will be key to this.

Our thoughts after this event are that the programme leads will attend the CFFN meetings and link back to their organisations with updates and any more lessons learned.

One idea that came up at the meeting was a “CF Facilitators at a glance” register.

We have developed one to bring to the next meeting for comments.

Basically, it has organisation name, named programme lead, if there is one: we should be working towards that being the case based on feedback. Then names of all trainee CF Facilitators along with the focus of their project for example Bands 1-3, Assistant Practitioner, Advanced Clinical Practice etc.

We need to get agreement that you are all happy with this or otherwise, it can then be added to website in the member’s area.

The other thing that you asked for was a forum to enable you to talk about all things CF with each other. Our web designer is on the case! The above would be a cracking start to the right links being made.

We also wondered what you thought about a quarterly meeting agenda, based on these projects . It could be produced in advance to structure the network meetings moving forward. Again, something for discussion next time?

Well, think that’s it for now – if anyone has anything to query, challenge, add – don`t be shy, we want this to work!