Calderdale Framework Facilitators Network

The second meeting for Calderdale Framework Facilitators was held on 4th March 2015.

Kevin Moore gave an overview of the HEE Y&H position following recent restructure and Jayne & Rachael were able to confirm there is now a CF forum as requested on the website.

The group agreed to have CF Facilitators Activity at a glance information in the members’ area. This is currently being done by our fab web man! This will enable CF Facilitators to link up where there are similar lines of work going on as well as keep people updated re the fantastic outcomes.

Talking if which, Sharon Burrows, from Harrogate District General Hospital, was due to present the excellent work that she and her fellow HDGH CF Facilitators have done. The focus here was on developing Advanced Clinical Practitioner roles across the organisation. They did it and they did it good!

Unfortunately, Sharon was unable to attend due to illness. Therefore, Jayne and Rachael tried to summarise but really didn’t do it justice. Hence, the intention is that Sharon will come to the next session on Thursday, 2nd July, to show and tell her CF Facilitator experience.

As a group we need to think how this sharing can be maximised from each of the projects going forward whilst ensuring we stick to the rigour of CF. We don’t want to fall into the 1, 2 miss a few, 99, 100 trap!
Perhaps this can be on the agenda for next time?

One very important piece of news to mention…
EWS Ltd are delighted to welcome Sharon Oliver and Donna Bradfield to their Associate roles. You can find out more about these wonderful women in our About Us section. Sharon and Donna will enable us to continue to grow the diffusion of CF, hopefully resulting in it becoming business as usual for organisations considering workforce development across all grades, professions and service functions.

Think that’s it from the 4th, looking forward to seeing you all soon.